- learn/teach logic

A web application for teaching university level first-order formal logic
Currently in closed beta ([email protected] to request access)

What is it?

Zoxiy is a web application for learning and teaching first-order formal logic to the level of a good first undergraduate course at university.

Who is it for?

Instructors, their students and independent learners.

-> instructors

Anyone teaching first-order or propositional logic at undergraduate level or below can use zoxiy for a course.

Instructors can select or create a course of exercises for their students. Students’ overall progress can be monitored (there are some charts) and tutors can grade individual exercises, optionally providing comments on incorrect answers.

-> students

Students can complete logic exercises and monitor their progress.

Most of the exercises are graded immediately, and some advice on errors is provided automatically.

-> independent learners

Use zoxiy to learn independently; several fairly comprehensive sets of exercises are available to all users.

What kinds of exercises are covered?

Set and answer exercises involving proofs, truth-tables, translations, possible situations, counterexamples, and more.

Students get from one exercise to the next with a single click.

Automatic Grading

Most exercises are graded automatically.

Help for Students

Tutors can easily provide advice and feedback to students on their incorrect answers. This feedback is re-used when other students provide comparably incorrect answers.

When setting exercises you can link to helpful resources such as lecture slides or a section of a textbook.

Track Students’ Progress

Tutors can review students’ progress and comment on their incorrect answers.

Monitor Tutors’ Grading

Zoxiy allows instructors to monitor tutors’ grading.

Sets of Exercises

Use an existing set of exercises or create a custom set of exercises linked to your own teaching schedule.

Just a Web Page

Use zoxiy in any current web browser: there’s nothing to install.